Quantum Fox Photography | Want to Unwrap this Order and See What's Inside?

Want to Unwrap this Order and See What's Inside?

December 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This time of year is all about gift giving, so since I knew this order was a gift, I made sure to wrap it up extra special! Keep scrolling down to find out what was inside. 


Inside the smaller package 

The one that has the cute little sprig of pine needles

I wrapped up the cards

Here is the front

Quantum Fox Photography_ Warminster, Pa_ outdoor family photo, group of cousins, wearing shades of green, christmas card frontChristmas Card Front And here is the back

Quantum Fox Photography_ Warminster, Pa_ group of cousins, outdoor portraits, shades of green, back of christmas cardChristmas Card Back Inside the bigger package was the same 3 portraits but the whole group was a 16x20 while the shots of all the boys together and all the girls together were sized at 11x14s to hang on either side. 

This was a just a quick session as the family was all together for Thanksgiving day, and this was in the morning before heading to the house to spend the day together so we did a couple group shots of everyone together, then the siblings together before everyone headed out. The weather was nice, chilly but not too cold like in past years when we might have worried about seeing some snow flurries.

 If you want to see the rest of the session, you can go here. http://www.quantumfoxphoto.com/p158264044


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