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Unwrap the Fun!

December 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It's that time of the Year! Even if you don't need to wrap things, you want to anyway! Ok, so maybe I'm a little behind on all my normal gift wrapping because I've been making sure all my holiday orders were beautifully wrapped, haha! 

Anyway, do you want to know what's inside? Scroll down to find out!

Inside this little package

Tied up with a little white bow

A family portrait awaits you

But whose you want to know!

Oh look, I snuck in this one! XD

This session was our annual 'everyone put on something nice and pile together for the Christmas card picture!' I did request we all do some level of matching for our outfits this year which we haven't done in past years, and I like that we ended up all in different shades of blue. 

Anyway, a card wouldn't be complete without the back, and this image was perfect for that!

We call this our "Blooper Shot". I was setting up the camera to make sure the lighting and everything looked right and just when we were about to start, my husband got a call from work that he had to take. While we waited I was trying to get my remote to work, but it wasn't for some reason, so I was testing out the length of the timer to see how long I needed to be able to get to the back of the group and pose while everyone was sitting around waiting. I wasn't even paying attention to what everyone was doing, and when I opened it up on the computer and saw this I started laughing and sent it to my mother-in-law. Everyone who saw it on facebook said it should be on their card, and so it was added to the back. 


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