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How Long Has it Been..?

June 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I was at a family reunion yesterday and got talking with a cousin I don't see very often. My husband and I were showing off pictures of the house we are waiting to buy to move into later this year, and I was saying how the one room was going to be turned into a photo studio space. My cousin got very excited and said she wanted to know when I was open for business again since she hasn't gotten any professional photos of her 2 kids since Thanksgiving of 2006 when I setup a studio in my upstairs bedroom for the day, and took family shots. I was amazed, it has been almost 9 years. 9 years of quick snap shots off a point and shoot camera or nowadays snapped from a cell phone. This then got me thinking about how many hundreds of pictures we post to facebook or social media, and how many of them never get printed out to hang on the wall or look at in an album. I'm not saying everyone has to get professional photos, but in an age where we have so many pictures of us, how many are lost due to just never getting around to print them? I found an old cell phone while cleaning out a drawer recently, and it still had a couple of pictures saved on it, pictures that are definitely not of print quality, something that I could never print larger than maybe a wallets size, so could not be hung on the wall. How many memories are we letting slip away on the computer instead of having printed? Even though professional photographers are using digital camera, digital images will never last as long as a printed image. Discs become outdated and get destroyed, where a real picture is a tangible thing, it can last for decades at a time. And yet, when is the last time you had a professional photo taken? Was it when you were married? Or maybe when your kids were very small? Has it been several years since you captured those precious memories together? I have another relative who asked me to take some photos of her daughter in her communion dress this past spring, she doesn't actually have a family photo with all 5 of her children, the last one was taken before her 5th was born, and he is now several years old. She told me, maybe it's time she gets on that. What are we waiting for? Is it really that hard to take one day in a 365 day year to get together and capture this special time of our lives? Or are we just making excuses that we are too busy because we don't feel it's that important.. until one day you look back and realize your baby is now 5, and you have no pictures of him anywhere.. 


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