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What to wear for a photo shoot?

June 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When it comes to a photo shoot, one of the biggest questions people have is "what to wear" or everyone just wears what they want. The resulting image is not always as intended, sometimes the clothes end up being the main focus instead of the people in them. For this reason, I thought I would give a visual example via pinterest, as well as a couple examples below of how a coordinated look brings the image together. I have seen more color added into the clothing lately, but still prefer the look of the muted colors or more neutrals over all. I have included a couple pops of color on pinterest for those who like them, but it is always better in moderation, to keep the main focus on the people. Another tip when wondering what to wear, if you are thinking of turning that family photo into a centerpiece of a certain room, you don't want everyone wearing deep purple or fall colors when the room may be a soft blue and white beach theme.https://www.pinterest.com/qu…/what-to-wear-for-photo-shoots/


Quantum Fox Photography_ Warminster, Pa _ family portrait, red and black Choosing 2-3 colors keeps the focus on the faces. Quantum Fox Photography_ Warminster, PA _ Family of four, white and blue, with candy canes


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