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The Slushie Test

July 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Since yesterday was 7-11 Free Slushie Day, I want to talk about "The Slushie Test". I used to do custom framing and often times I would find clients didn't want glass on their artwork for one reason or another, for this reason my mentor taught me about how to tell if artwork actually needs glass or not. 

So imagine it's free slushie day and you have a group of children running around the house with their slushies. They get way too sugar-hyped and a slushie ends up flying across the room and hits a piece of artwork hanging on the wall. Do you panic, or do you simply wipe away the mess? If it's an oil painting that can be wiped easily, then no problem! If it's a print or other form of artwork that can't be easily cleaned, then you better hope there is some glass covering it. This is the slushie test, will your artwork survive being attacked by a slushie.. It's such a simple thing, but is often overlooked, and until something happens to your precious artwork, you don't realize it wasn't properly protected until it's too late. So is your artwork safe from slushies?


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