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Apple Picking at Solebury Orchards

October 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Since we are now surrounded by farms and orchards, it seemed very fitting to try out apple picking for the first time this year. Our little guy, Kaeden, is now also at an age where he is walking around and exploring, so outdoor activities are perfect for him. 

We decided to try out Solebury Orchards which is near Peddler's Village. They have a little tractor ride from the shop over to the rows of apples that are ripe that week (varieties change from week to week. Apple season is the end of August until the beginning of November) 

We let Kaeden pick one, he was so happy with himself, and then he immediately (without any prompting) took a bite!

They do allow munching as you go, and even have trash cans just for apple cores available in the picking areas, which is great because then you can taste the different varieties to see if it's better for baking or eating. (They do also note on their website what the different kinds are best for) 

We picked three different types, Pixie Crunch for eating, which was my favorite (and what Kaeden is happily munching on), Honeycrisp for baking (they were also some of the biggest apples I have every seen) and another variety that was for baking but could also be eaten because it wasn't too tart. 

We had so much fun, that when we ran out of apples we actually returned to pick more a couple of weeks later. By then the varieties were different, and are more of a baking variety than eating, but are still being enjoyed.

If you want to learn more about picking your own apples, check out the Solebury website here- http://www.soleburyorchards.com/pick-your-own/


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