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Flowershow 2016

May 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Ok, so I admit I totally forgot about the flowershow photos. I first forgot to go through them because I had some real sessions that had to be done first, then when I did finally go through and edit everything for posting, I forgot to upload them. Anyway, better late than never, so here is Flowershow 2016. 

This year's theme was National Parks, there were a lot of trees and stumps in the displays this year and not as many flowers, but overall everything was well done. There was a geyser in the main display, and some really neat animals made from plant material. (I have the fox and wolf I found in the slideshow)  

I do feel I should mention that this year was a challenge, I had to take all images while carrying Kaeden because he didn't like being in the stroller with all the crowds.

As soon as he was at eye level with all the people, he was just fine and liked taking it all in. 

Kaeden and Maura at the flowershow

He even fell asleep in the carrier, and stayed asleep for about an hour, waking up right before my mom and I headed back downstairs to head home. Here is our end of the day selfie shot with him sound asleep in the middle of the main display. 


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