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Getting to Know Your Photographer

May 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Let's start off the week with a little bit about who I am.

what makes me tick: I love my garden, I start my veggies from seeds around Jan-March then plant them outside in the spring, weeding and taking care of them over the summer into the fall, then comes a couple of months off for winter, before it starts all over again the following year. Since I just moved in September I need to get used to my new yard and figure out my placement of things, but it's fun to figure out, and add things into the already professionally landscaped space. The amount of random baby trees popping up all over the yard is making me a bit crazy as every time I think I pulled them all I find a few more, but it is what it is, and I just have a reason to wander my garden beds checking them out each week. 

Besides the garden, I also am big into couponing. I have a set budget each week that I need to stay under, so need to really be careful what I am buying so I don't go over. I love getting good deals and freebies make me super excited. My husband told me I really need to stop bringing home free mustard as our cabinet is getting rather full with the 10 or so bottles I have now. (They are a couple of different kinds at least, not all the same)

my food vice: chocolate! and ice cream, and I love fresh fruit! Oh and if there are strawberries covered in chocolate, I just can't resist! lol

my favorite vacation spot: I was one of those kids who got to travel quite often, so actually have a couple of favorite places for traveling. I love Maine, and we spent many summers vacationing there in different locations, usually by a lake. My favorite town would have to be Boothbay Harbor which is very fun and touristy with lots of cute shops to wander through and some great whale watching. They also have the most amazing Lobster Bisque I've ever had, and not been able to find anything quite as good since. 

Another place I love is the shore, I am a Philly kid in the sense that the Jersey shore is something I look forward to every year, even if we only take a day trip down to walk the boards. A trip down normally involves hanging out in Cape May during the day, ending with the sunset sinking down over the waves at Sunset Beach, then hitting the Wildwood Boardwalk before heading home, stopping for some Polish Water Ice and a free sample of Douglas' fudge, which then turns into walking inside to buy some! Yum! 


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