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My First Mother's Day

May 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

First Mother's DayMaura and Kaeden

The first time you celebrate a big holiday like Mother's Day, you never really know what to expect. I thought my husband might get me something from my son, who is 9 months old now, but wasn't really sure. It started the other day when we needed to return something to kohl's, we we having an issue with the return so were waiting for the woman at customer service to call the phone support. While waiting, my husband wandered away, came back a few minutes later to grab my son, then wandered off again. I didn't know what he may have found, but he didn't come back with a bag or anything, so I assumed he didn't find what he was looking for. 

Moonlight Magic Lavendar Rose

The day before Mother's Day we went to Lowe's, looking for something for our moms. I was looking for something that loves shade for my mom, and something nice for his mom. We stumbled across a clearance section all the way in the back where we found roses and arrangements for $3 and $5. I got excited when I found a light purple rose called "Moonlight Magic" in the clearance section after I had just been admiring one out front. It smells absolutely amazing, and as a purple lover I was hooked! We found our moms their gifts, then I was allowed to pile 2 roses and 3 potted plants onto a flat bed as part of my gift. My husband told me I was grinning ear to ear as I was picking them out and loading them onto the cart. We found some very bright potted plants called "Dragon's Breath Celosia" which went onto my back deck and really brightened up the space. The roses will go in the back of the yard by the shed where we pulled out 2 mostly dead roses that had been left by the old owners. 

Dragon's Breath Celosia on the Deck

I started Mother's Day with Kaeden climbing all over me, ready to be up around 9:30 (he let me sleep in! *chuckles*) then my husband came in and took him so I could go get my contacts in. When I walked back in, my little guy was holding a box which my husband said he had picked out just for me. I opened it up to find a silver bracelet with a "Mom" charm, the back reading "Mom, Before I knew your words, I knew your love". My husband told me that he had taken Kaeden to look at a rack of bracelets, and that's the one he had grabbed, so that's the one he gave me. Awww! 

Mother's Day Bracelet

We had Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, visited his mom and grandmom for a couple of hours, then came home and made dinner. It was a great Mother's Day, and we ended the day with my mom coming over since she was watching Kaeden for me in the morning, and our group of friends was over to watch Game of Thrones on our big screen. 

Pink Rose


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