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A Smashing Good Time!

June 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Time flies so quickly, it has already been almost a year since Kaeden joined our family, and it has been a year for his cousin Sophia. Back at our Easter session we discussed the upcoming birthdays and how much fun it would be to do a cake smash for Sophia. 

Since the cake smash was scheduled for after her birthday party, I knew what she would be wearing and designed the setup to compliment her pink and yellow outfit. 

Right after the cake was put in front of her, she grabbed the Pooh Bear toy off the top and ate the icing off of it. She then picked up little pieces of the cake in between swinging around some beads, which I think she enjoyed more than the cake from those expressions!

While I was paying attention to Sophia, someone else was creeping closer and closer to the cake from the other side. 

Kaeden wasn't sure what it was, but he sure wanted to find out!

While I was snapping shots of Sophia, he scooted right up to the cake and stuck his fingers in, wanting to try this food that she was enjoying. 

He was intrigued, not sure what it was, but it tasted good!

So the cake smash turned into a little party, and they both ate cake and had a good time. Then it was time to clean up. 

We tried to put Sophia into the tub for the Splash part of her session. She wasn't so sure about it, so clung to Mom for a couple of minutes until she warmed up to the idea. 

Ok, maybe this isn't so bad! She played with a ducky and got cleaned up. So did the cake covered floor from all the splashing! 

While Sophia was getting dried and putting a diaper back on, Kaeden hurried over to check out the tub and have a little fun of his own before we picked it up and got the floor dried. 

Once everything was cleaned up, they decided to have their own after-party with all the balloons. Happily chasing them all around the room while I was getting the photos uploaded from the camera. (So this is a phone shot)

A fun end to a playdate, and cake smash and splash session. 


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