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Quantum Fox Photography Can I have my Digital Files?

February 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Quantum Fox Photography Can I have my Digital Files?

Before I would have said no, but as of this year, yes you can. But before I just hand over your files, think carefully about why you want them. Is it to share on social media? To print yourself? Because you think they will last forever this way? 

THINK AGAIN – We Have Entered the Era of the Photographic Lost Generation

We live in a digital age and we take more pictures than ever before, but we are going to be a generation with more lost images than any other. As technology changes at lightning speed, these images are sadly going to be lost. So the memories you are so desperate to capture today, won’t be around tomorrow. 

If you think about your child, how many of their photos are on your phone? How many of those have you printed? What if your phone falls and gets smashed, will you still have those images somewhere? 

The harsh reality is 42% of people aged between 30 & 44 (yes, that’s probably you) will look back in a decade and wonder where photos of their children’s childhood, holidays and family get-togethers, have gone. Your grandchildren will ask you questions and you won’t have the album to flick through to show them what fun you had at the beach, or what his grandad looked like. Why? Because people no longer print photographs or create photo albums. In fact, 67% store their photos solely on a computer or phone. You probably have every intention of printing, but it’s a pain and it’s time consuming.

Also, think about how technology changes, we had photos saved on a '95 computer, it used floppy discs, and we had some of our first digital images on it (scanned prints). So what happened to those photos? They are on a hard drive, stuck in someone's closet, because the computer died and it would be too expensive to have it hooked up to get anything off of it. Besides that fact, the images were such low resolution that anything you could print from it now would be incredibly pixelated. 

My first digital camera was a Nikon point and shoot, I took photos in Ireland back in 2005 on it, and now, except for the ones my grandmother made sure to print for me, I don't even know where they are, or if they even still exist on an old hard drive. 


We have to remember the value and importance of printed, framed, and mounted photographs in our lives and for the generations after us. Children love to see images of themselves around the house, studies have shown it even increases their self worth and self esteem. My son has a collage of his first year hanging, and even though he's not even 2 yet, loves to look at them and discuss them with his daddy. I also have caught him standing on our couch to be able to better view a collage we have hanging there of our family. 

My husband and I have a wedding album we like to pull out on our anniversary and go through together, and will be able to show it to my son when he is older. 

Also, blank walls are so boring.. my bathroom wall was empty for the first year after we moved in, and my husband asked me if we could please hang something in there. (Then I shared my plan to have my son's first birthday smash and splash hanging, since I thought him in a washtub taking a bath would be super cute in the bathroom.) So our walls stayed empty for another couple of months until after he turned one. Now I have 3 beautiful metal prints hanging, that I admire every day. 

Why Order a Print?

Because there are moments you can’t get back, but a print can make you feel them again.

Because your prints are for today, tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that.
Because prints remind us of what love really feels like.
Because they’re only young once.

Because the place to save money is not on the most important purchases.
Because when there’s a fire, what’s the first thing you grab?
Because phones fall into toilets and hard drives crash

Because you can touch and feel your memories.
Because you put too much work into your family not to show them off!
Because technology comes and goes.
Because photography is best enjoyed in print.
Because a memory stick in a drawer is pointless.

Because a hard drive doesn’t trigger a smile.
Because memories are tied to touch.
Because there’s nothing like sitting down by a fireplace and flipping through the pages of a family album.
Because your parents and grandparents won’t be around forever.

Quantum Fox Photography carries a wide selection of products designed to showcase and preserve your families’ memories. Give yourself the gift of showcasing in PRINT your most cherished moments or people. Use the space where you spend the most of your time to display the images you love. I am trained in the art of printing, I understand how to crop an image, choose the right paper and prepare it at the right size for the medium you would like to print on. I understand how to prepare it, so it looks amazing – not just ok, AMAZING. After-all, you are making a big investment, it must look amazing.

Together, we can incorporate these images into any space and create an environment that will tell the story of your life. We use high-quality products and printing techniques to ensure that you will have heirloom pieces for years to come. If you are prepared to pay a lot of money for digital files, don’t ruin them with cheap prints. I am here to give you the whole package.  My create your own collection option now includes digitals. 

 Make Us Your Next Photographer!


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