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Prisca | Newborn Session | Warminster, Pa

September 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Today I would like to introduce you to little Prisca who was born on July 31st, at 1:25am. Newborn portrait sessions are typically a mix of both posed and candid style to capture the baby's nursery and moments with mom and dad as they unfold.

Planning for her session was interesting because mom, Alicia, wanted to be surprised by the gender this time around, so we all waited eagerly to find out if she would be the little sister or little brother. Then to add to it she was due when I was away on vacation for a week, so I kept peeking at my email to see if she had arrived yet. Prisca ended up not arriving until after I was back, so we scheduled her session in August when she was just 11 days new. 

We started the session with big brother Judah wearing "The best brother" shirt. I wanted him to warm up to the camera before we tried to get him to lay with his new baby sister. He was quite happy to grin at me for a moment, then in typical toddler fashion, rolled over and ran off to play with his toys.

Mom laid with Prisca on the bed in the nursery, while I was moving things around, so I was able to capture this special moment they were having without knowing I was there. At first they told me they only wanted portraits with Judah and Prisca, and none with mom and dad, but once I assured mom she looked great (which she absolutely does!) she warmed up to the idea of letting me capture her in the photos as well.

Judah saw mommy laying on the bed then decided he wanted to be on the bed too, so brought his truck over and laid down to play. After a while, he decided he was done with this whole taking photos business, so jumped off the bed and ran down the hall to the living room to play with his toys and daddy.

It seemed like a good time to swaddle Prisca for her posed portraits since she had just been fed and changed, so I pulled out my wraps and mom was excited to see she had this adorable peach headband sitting on the bureau that perfectly matched my peach wrap. It's amazing how things can work out sometimes. 

This little cutie decided she wasn't quite ready for sleep yet, so quietly watched me for a while before the big yawns started.

It was just a matter of time before she drifted off to sleep with her big brother's monkey plush, while laying on a small baby blanket handmade by a relative. It's the little details like this that make each session special, and that I love to include for mom and dad to remember every time they look at their portraits hanging up. 

She has an angel bear that plays soft music, I like how it looks like it's watching over her while she sleeps. 

One of the details from her nursery that mom asked if I could include was the "P" that hangs on the wall by the bed, with a K below it. (Her initials) 

Once I had gotten the sleeping poses it was time for the baby toes which I love so much. (If you haven't already figured it out from my past posts, I LOVE baby toes, they are my favorite feature!) I snuck the feet out from under the wrap and while I was getting the first few images, mom handed me some pearls and asked if we could incorporate them. I immediately loved the idea and got the creative juices flowing as I figured out how to sneak these small strands around the tiny feet. It was actually harder than it looks, I kept tickling her toes by accident as I draped them over, then would have to readjust them after I made her move. 

One of my signature poses is mom's hands holding the little baby feet in a heart, so I started with the standard pose, then saw one of the strands of pearls laying next to me and knew I just had to use it. It took a lot of patience getting the pearls to stay in the heart shape while also getting Prisca to keep her feet somewhat flat, but after a few tries this was the end result, and I'm in love!

This little cutie was so perfectly behaved, sleeping the whole time and letting me move her hands around for the perfect pose. Every time I look at that little face I just want to go "awwwwww!"

The little details are so important, I always make sure to get the fingers, ears, and face close ups. 

And of course when possible the perfect little eyelashes as they sleep. Another "awwwwww" moment. 

Eventually she did wake up wanting a diaper change and to eat, so it was time for some candid mommy and baby snuggle time. 

After lots of cuddles and a good burp, she was happy again. 

Then it was time to switch so we could capture daddy cuddle time. 

Dad had me giggling with how he snuggles and plays with his little girl, tickling her face and having her sing songs with him by moving her lip. She even got to be a unicorn. 

We completed the session with both mommy and daddy snuggling their little bundle of joy.

I really enjoyed getting to work with this family, you can really feel the loving bond they have together, and how natural it was for them to just snuggle on the bed with their baby. It was an honor getting to be a part of this special moment in their lives. 


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