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Amber and Eric | Maternity Session | Warminster, Pa | Jan 2020

February 06, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Today I want to brag about this adorable couple, Amber and Eric, who I recently had the pleasure of photographing in the studio for their maternity session. They were so much fun to work with, and I adore the way these two just naturally showed their love for each other throughout the session. 

Since the portraits were scheduled in January (maternity sessions are normally between 30-34 weeks), Amber was hoping for a winter look (without the cold), so I suggested using the birch tree winter backdrop in the studio, and also including some real snow scenes I had taken at the Wissahickon trails after a good snow storm in 2013, (this winter isn't looking promising for outdoor snow portraits so far.) The couple was happy with the real snow option, and preferred the one over the studio background for their larger print. 


Whenever the topic of babies comes up, the next question is usually 'what are you having?' This couple has decided to be a little different and wait to be surprised on the gender, wanting to reveal that big surprise in the delivery room.

Baby 'Bean' as they are currently being called, is due to make their appearance March 18th at the Doylestown Hospital (their closest area hospital), which I have heard all good things about. (It was actually my second choice when I had my daughter in 2017). The boy's name will be Eric, after Daddy, and a girl's name is still being decided. 

When asked how they found out they were expecting, Amber said 'I realized I was a day or so “late” and I could feel something was off/different. Took a test (ok maybe more than one lol) and the rest is history.' 

Then I asked how they felt about finding out, she replied "I was beyond shocked! We weren’t outright “trying” but we also weren’t trying to avoid it either. We did have some trouble conceiving in the past, so it was something that we would he thrilled if pregnancy happened for us naturally, but we were also content with the idea of it maybe just being “us.” I literally thought that the first few tests were wrong or that I was seeing things lol. Once we had our 8 week appointment, heard the heartbeat and saw the little one, it was real and I was still in shock but then I believed the tests lol!"

To announce their pregnancy, they waited until the initial prenatal doctor appointment, then put the ultrasound photos in a frame and gave them to the families. Aw, I loved the way they announced so asked Amber if she would tell us more of the story:

"We told my immediate family the day we had our 8 week ultrasound. We came home with the photo in the frame and gave it to my mom and grandma. It also worked out because my brother and his girlfriend were visiting for the day too. Everyone was very shocked, in a happy way. My mom was crying because she was so happy. My brother saw the ultrasound photo and goes “what am I looking at here?” We told Eric’s immediate family a few days later when we went into the city to visit them. We had gifts from a trip we had taken and we put the ultrasound photo in the gift bag for them. His parents and brothers were so happy, his dad even cried." 

During our planning appointment, Eric brought up having a background of being a football player and requested incorporating that into their session somehow. I was happy to oblige and included poses of him showing off his jersey, and also included a Patriot's baby onesie. 

After their session, I asked what their favorite part of the experience has been working with us, Amber said, 'being able to celebrate the pregnancy through photos was our favorite part. Working with a photographer who has a keen eye and passion for the job.'

I love being able to capture these precious memories for my clients, so it makes me very happy to hear that, thank you!

Amber's advice for other people planning their session is, 'Be willing to step outside of the box (but still be comfortable) and trust the photographers eye.'

On that topic, I want to share a quick story, before the day of the session we had discussed Amber wearing a maternity dress (dresses are super flattering for maternity portraits, and work for almost every body type), but she didn't really feel it was her style. (Believe me, I am not someone who normally wears dresses either, so I totally get it.) I had already planned to add maternity gowns to my prop collection, so before we began her session, asked Amber if she was willing to model for me to have as sample images of the dresses I have available to other moms planning their maternity sessions. So we did her regular portraits first, then finished up with poses in the dress. Even though it wasn't her usual style, Amber ended up loving how the dress portraits came out enough to order one. 

When asked if she would she have regretted not having a maternity session, she replied, 'I think so - it was a sweet and intimate way for my husband and I to take some time and really capture the love and excitement for our little one.' She also said, 'Thank you for making the experience memorable. The portraits captured so much love and happiness that we will treasure.'





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