School Portrait Information

If you are here to find out more about our school photography, then you're in luck! We started doing school portraits in '09 at OLHC in Abington (now closed), then added on Arch Bishop Wood High School, Good Shepherd, and Keystone Academy. The setups started out very simple, but now we pride ourselves on our creative setups to go along with the theme of each dance. We service Montgomery and Bucks Counties, as well as the surrounding areas. We specialize in parent/student dances, such as Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances, but have done Holiday fundraisers and some events as well.



Valentine Father Daughter DanceGSC Father Daughter Valentine Dance


Mother-Daughter LuncheonWood Mother-Daughter Luncheon with Ireland theme

How does it work?

~We do not charge the school for our services, and the school receives 10% of the Profit.

~Our setup is themed to go with each dance theme.

~We have experience working with children of all ages from kindergarten through high school seniors.

~We provide all our own equipment, and are fully insured. The school only needs to provide us a space for setting up near a power outlet.

~We like to provide a copy of our pricelist for the school to send out with the information for the dance so the parents will have a chance to review it ahead of time.

~Portraits are individually packaged with student's name and homeroom/grade for easy distribution.

~Portraits are delivered to the school, typically the week following the dance, so if the dance is on Friday, they are delivered the following Friday. (The exception is Holidays causing the school to be closed, then they would be delivered the following week.) Order will be reviewed with someone from the school to confirm everything is accounted for.

We are currently accepting new schools, so if you do not already have a photographer, we would love for you to give us a try! There is no obligation to use us for the entire school year, so if you want to just do a test run to make sure we are a good fit, it's absolutely an option! If you are interested in working with us, send us a message on our Contact Page. Want to see our 2017-18 Prices, click here

Client Testimonials:

"They are AMAZING, as always! Thank you so much for coming out to our school event!! We love the coordination you do with our themes and can't wait to see you again for our Father-Daughter Dance in March! Wooohooo!" -Molly F. (Portrait Shown at Left, Keystone Academy, Philadelphia, PA)


"Great photographer very personable. Her photos have an amazing turnaround time. Most photographers can take months to get you photos back to you. She had them back in just over a week. Love her ideas for poses and she is very enthusiastic. Overall experience, she is very professional and knows her stuff. She was great with children too! Thanks Maura!" - Jane D. (Keystone Academy, Philadelphia, PA)

You can see all of our past galleries back to 2012 by clicking the photo below. 

Western Themed DanceGSC Western Themed Mother-Son Dance